Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

okay so...

philadelphia is trying to pass a really terrible bill making it necessary for philadelphia venues to supply the philly police chief with 30 days notice of ANY SCHEDULED SHOW... they have to provide a liquor license, an entertainment lisence, contracts between promoter and venue, and proof of provided security. AS IF BOOKING A SHOW ISN'T HARD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! so many diy venues have already been shut down.

please lets not have philly turn into richmond, this would be a HUGE blow for the diy arts scene

you can sign this petition:

this looks really good

The Lazarus Effect Trailer

The Channel | MySpace Video

Friday, May 14, 2010


saw dr. dog last night... it was INCREDIBLE

check this out, it's probably the cutest thing i've ever seen:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

finding strength

these are some phenomenal novels that i've read lately that have really helped me in a number of ways.