Friday, June 26, 2009

your a part of my heart...

i honestly think that dr. dog is one of the best things philly has going for it musically and if thats not enough (the fact that they aren't an acoustic band, and are SOO tight) check this out:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

person appreciation day #2

this ones a gem... julia OK

you may recognize this from the dangerous ponies... yup thats her... chool.
she is winning the person appreciation award today because she showed me this:


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

at night

during the day my life falls to pattern,
by night i've been tapping into an unreserved well.

during the day im what i need to be
but at night, i'm in love

living in love is the best justice anyone can do


okay... the cats official name is MAUDE D'IB

maud dib is the character from the original dune
and maude... well... we all know bea arthur

this was finally settled on after this stream of names:
salad face
ida may

Monday, June 8, 2009

meet kuma

this is my new kitty kuma (it sounds kind of like puma with a k) it means little bear

Monday, June 1, 2009

person appreciation day #1

christina theodoro

we have sooo much fun

this is how i feel most of the time

not in any way related to medicine just in life in general. But its fucking hilarious.

in other fronts i've been thinking alot about people and how we relate to the things we own, and how sometimes form follows function, and other times people can make function follow form in incredible ways.

MY BACK PACK: i would like to make it known that my back is a multi-functional piece of equiptment. it services me in many ways. it is my portable trashcan, my portable library, my portable mohabe pack, a portable drug store, a portable healing kit. it has many forms and functions and it is just a few pieces of canvas artfully sewn together.

when i was thinking about our relationship to material things i kept thinking of my favorite passage from the tao te ching:

A wheel has spokes,
but it rotates around a hollow center.

A pot is made out of clay or glass,
but you keep things in the empty space inside.

A house is made out of wood or brick,
but you live in the space between the walls.

We work with something,
but we use nothing.