Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A good place to start

so... since i highly dislike blogging on myspace, and livejournal just doesn't cut it, i've officially become a blogger. This is interesting for me, i always thought to be a blogger one must be the owner of many self help books, a child, a business, be an artist or at least have alot of shit talking to do (for instance d-listed). Then i realized that i do own alot of self help books, i nanny a child, having a band is practically a business and i can talk just as much shit as anyone else.... if not so much more. I also realized that having a blog is a good way to network and communicate in our highly expanding technological world. So here i am. HI. this blog will be used for a variety of things, and will double as a dangerous ponies center for keeping the world updated. (www.myspace.com/dangerousponies)

this one goes out to all the pretty girls...

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