Wednesday, September 16, 2009


SO tour so far has been a blast, for reals. The EP release was AMAZING thanks so much to all of the incredible people that came out and danced and sang and got silly. get billy. it was a whole lot of fun :)

so heres the run down:
NY: crazy dance party warehouse fun. AMAZING vegan dinner beforehand, good beers and people afterwards, who could ask for more?
OLNEYVILLE: cool space, some really sweet people... some very serious hardcore kids :)
MAINE: i may be convinced the nicest people in the world live here. bangarang is an incredible queer house that hosted the show at another co-0p down the road. great bbq, an amazing kid named evan.... who was the mini version of our evan, one mister E bernerd. stayed overnight in portsmouth where i would like to say the best breakfast in the world lives. it lives at a place called the friendly toast, and it's called the ole miss. oh em gee.
PROVIDENCE: AS220 is a really great space. it's really well run, they have an art gallery, dark rooms, and a built in taco joint. WOOOOWZERS.
BOSTON: fish n chips
CONNECTICUT: we played an AMAZING after party for a trans equality play about queer and transgender people in the bible. The space was beautiful, as was the cause. everyone was so kind and we met some really nice folks.
HARRISBURG: we stayed at the wolverines folks house for three days we played once in york which was a wild good time, and once in wilkesbarre which was incredible because the kids there know whatsup and they always come out and have a blast :). most important of all when we were there i got a case of the death sick and we watched all of WIZARD PEOPLE DEAR READER, which is a fully narrated version of harry potter through the eyes of comedian brad neely, i dare you to not laugh:


DC: lost my voice dont want to talk about it
CHARLOTTESVILLE: found my voice!!! I THINK!!! staying with an incredibly great and talented band called the astronomers.
they play great music, and they have a really really super beautiful house tucked inside of a really beautiful place :), the show at the tea bazaar was a BLAST and we have made some good friends. today we are headed to GBORO.

chris says:pod people and shit oh yeah, beer attack
sarah says: sweet.



  1. So, I showed up at the location I was told for The Gender Blender in Richmond to find. Well, nothing. I drove all the way up from Petersburg, Virginia, so needless to say, I'm a good bit bummed. Showed up around eight and waited around until about 8:45. Did the show not happen?

  2. AWWW IT TOTALLY HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE DID YOU GO TO???? it was at the gender blender 2 at 1500 carter st

    i'm so sad and sorry :(!!!!!!!! if you come to baltimore tonight we will make your dream dance party happen and give you LOTS and LOTS of hugs and apologies :(