Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dr. Ponie Medicine Ponie=The Deli Magazine's CD of the month

hey everyone! dr. ponie medicine ponie got a really fun review in the delimagazine online :) check it out:

South Philly’s Dangerous Ponies, a queer and allied eight-piece band led by Chrissy Tashjian (The Bee Team, The March Hare), have been trotting their way through 2009. In March they toured to SXSW’s GAYbiGAYGAY Festival and in September released their debut EP, Dr. Ponie Medicine Ponie, recorded at Headroom Studios and now available on Punk Rock Payroll. Both onstage and in the studio, Dangerous Ponies channel the energy of best friends, whose inventive songwriting and kaleidoscope of instruments mixes ‘60s lo-fi pop with Animal Collective’s experimental fizz. Giddy up!

Dr. Ponie Medicine Ponie bubbles like Dangerous Ponies’ live show, opening with a magnetic intro before dropping into the danceable guitar and drum grooves of “When You’re in Town.” This serenade to a returning lover (when you’re around it’s always better) ends in true Dangerous Ponies fashion with a high-spirited group sing-along (cry cry cry if you want to/try try try if you can/but I know that we’ll all be friends in the end.) The bass line on “That” creeps in like The Zombies “Time of the Season,” followed by the summery “Not Now! Not Ever!” whose chorus of “Woo Hoos!” are meant for road tripping. And forget the ex when you’ve got your friends to sing along with, or so goes the carefree breakup anthem “I Really Don’t Mind” (when the birds and bees look down on me that’s fine/so much for making me cry/I won’t shed a tear.) “Honey Trap” twists and turns from waltz to punk and promises to turn out the dance floor (grab my hips and shake your ass/you know I love to watch you.) And all of Dr. Ponie Medicine Ponie’s lovers, exes, and friends reunite on the final sparkler, “All’s Well that Ends with a Dance Party.” - Jaime Pannone

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